Whether shopping in-store or online, Rachel will apply her trained eye and expertise to guide you, and help you make selections that hit the mark. Experience shopping as it should be: simple, efficient, and full of pleasure.


When you have a full closet and nothing to wear, getting dressed is a daily challenge. Work with Rachel to review all your pieces, learn how to style what you have with timeless, personalized tips while making room for versatile new updates.


With access to your virtual closet, Rachel can answer your questions from anywhere as effectively as if she were in your closet ensuring you will always be dressed to impress.

What Our Clients Say

Rachel has transformed me, I was never someone who got compliments on my style, and now I get compliments every day. I think about each piece that I put on, I never used to do that before and it’s so easy now. Thank you!

Stacey, Madison Square Park, NYC
Rachel, I know you have many clients but thank you for always making me feel like I am the only one.
Rebecca, Lower East Side, NYC
Rachel, I did not end up wearing the outfit we planned because of the weather. I wasn’t feeling it so I pulled this together in five minutes and was out the door. Wait, you should tell people I was able to do that after working with you!
Dani, Livingston, NJ
As someone who has always hated shopping, I cannot believe how easy, painless, and yes, fun Rachel made it. I have always had trouble finding clothes that I felt comfortable in, but also fit properly and looked good on me. During our initial consultation, she asked exactly the right questions to get a good feel for my sense of style. When she took me shopping, I could tell immediately that she listened. She “pre-shopped” each store so that when we arrived, she already pulled pieces that took all my weird quirks into account and put them together in outfits, so all I had to do was try things on. I looked and felt like myself, but so much better! Basically I am never going shopping without her again.
Ben, Upper East Side, NYC
As a new mom, Rachel helped me rediscover my sense of style, now I look forward to getting dressed effortlessly, no matter how sleep deprived I am! She challenges me to try different looks that I’d otherwise be intimidated by or not know how to style on my own. She encouraged me to celebrate the great pieces I already own by wearing them instead of treasuring them in their perfect boxes waiting for a special occasion. “Every day should be special,” and she’s absolutely right! With her as a resource, I’ve rekindled my own love for fashion and feel confident, comfortable, and stylish again. The best part is, Rachel is also a pleasure to spend time with: someone I’ve grown to adore who is beautiful inside and out!!
Chelsea, Los Angeles, CA
Rachel has made me feel like a new me. She listens to what I want for myself both in terms of clothes and image, and she tailors the perfect outfits with the perfect feel. Rachel is whip smart, extremely kind, extraordinarily connected, and expertly tuned in to her clients needs as if they were her own. I am so grateful to know her and work with her, and I would recommend her to absolutely anyone.
MJ, Brooklyn, NYC
Always amazing to see you and I was singing your praises to someone today, so maybe your ears were ringing? As always – I feel so much better after one of our visits!
Kathryn, TriBeCa, NYC

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