As the weather swings up and down, we are sure to be surprised with more dreary days as we march forward towards spring. Opening the coat closet each morning grows tiresome, and our outerwear can begin to feel like a chore. The best way to break through our stale winter routine? Switch up your winter accessories! Whatever your style may be – classic, sporty, or glam – there are plenty of options to elevate your outerwear game. Try breaking out some colors and patterns and you’re sure to be a bright side on a dark day.

I’m always a fan of luxe fabrics, such as fur, leather, and cashmere. Winter wear lets me pamper myself from head to toe in the coziest ways. And switching up my accessories ensures that my daily bundling becomes more an integral part of my outfit choice and less routine. See below for my favorite picks and stay warm!

Top Row: Hat Attack Kelsey, Fivestory Basque Red Beret
Bottom Row: Isabel Marant Evie Wool Hat, Madewell Corduroy Baseball Cap, Mischa Lambert Three Tone Beanie

Top Row: Charlotte Simmons Flossy Faux Scarf, Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific Colorblock Fur Stole, Farrow Leopard Scarf
Bottom Row: Kordal Bauhaus Scarf, Reiss Mylee Color Block, Vlas Bomme Wool & Linen Shawl


Top Row: Mercury Mittens, Toasties Mitaines
ottom Row: Aristide Lambskin Leather Gloves, Rag & Bone Jonie Mittens, Aqua Star Gloves