We can all agree that 2020 was, well, a lot. While this past year challenged us, we have learned to adapt to different lifestyles. And that is no small feat! It might be hard to believe, but 2020 did see good things happen, especially in consumer behavior. Many shoppers have become more conscious of their environmental impact and have started to expect more from the brands they love. I am so excited about the renewed motivation to support brands that I believe in and share them with you!
One retailer I love is Olivela, which has donated 20% of proceeds from every sale to a variety of causes since its inception. When founder Stacey Boyd created Olivela, wanted to empower shoppers by allowing them to choose from one of their many partners to donate to. Olivela partners with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Global Wildlife Conservation, The Malala Fund, and many more. And on top of that, you can shop over 430 fashion and beauty brands, like Rag & Bone, Ganni, Frame, and many more!

Another positive shift in consumer behavior has been the ongoing spotlight on smaller brands, especially those owned by people of color. A survey by Nextdoor found that 72% of members believe they will frequent local businesses more often. Some favorites of mine are bocnyc, Shop-ta, and Sincerely, Tommy. All are woman-owned and New York-based shops, and all feature emerging womenswear brands from new talents in the industry.

Conscious consuming can also mean embracing a “less is more” lifestyle. Perhaps, this year, your goal might be to buy less and invest more. Rather than going for trendy pieces that could meet their end within one season, investing in classic pieces ensures life-long enjoyment. These are the timeless, versatile, high-quality staples that might cost more upfront, but their price-per-wear is incomparable. Whether it’s a trench coat or an iconic bag, now might be the time to consider investing in one of your dream wish list items.