Mindful Gifting for Holidays and Travel

In a year that has been all about changing climates and natural events, it’s important to the environmental impact of the fashion industry. This consciousness extends to gift giving this holiday season. Thoughtful gifting can extend past the idea of giving a loved one – or yourself! – something they will enjoy, and gift also to the world by exploring some of these new sustainable ideas.

Recycled Materials

One of the ways brands are helping the environment is to use recycled materials to create new products. Stella McCartney’s collaboration with Veuve Clicquot creates accessories out of leather made from the by-product of Veuve Clicquot’s grapes, while Away that Day creates their bathing suits from materials made of plastic and scraps from the ocean. Brands such as Bottletop, which uses recycled bottle tops to create bags, and Rentrayage, who creates patchwork garments out of fabric scraps, are perfect if you are interested in looking at what recycling can artistically add to fashion.

Keeping Artisan Traditions Alive

Centering a brand around a local artisan technique can allow their craft access to global audiences and markets. With Diotima, founder Rachel Scott seeks to bring artisan work from Jamaica into her pieces, and challenge the idea that Europe is the center of luxury fashion. The Knotty Ones creates knitwear inspired by the founders’ Lithuanian heritage, and champions the idea that artisans are the core of fashion. And veteran collective Brother Vellies always serves up great gifting options. 

Giving back to the earth through better understanding our footprint and and to each other by recognizing the value of handwork from cultures around the world feels like the best way to approach your list this holiday season. Wishing you and yours merry everything and enjoy every moment together!