Do you ever wander through a beautifully merchandised shop and think why can’t my closet look like that? I do everyday. The fact of the matter is takes a lot of maintenance.
I would like to share a couple quick hacks below for you to try out on your own. And please feel free to reach out about Closet Maintenance services – its like having a personal trainer for your closet to whip it into shape!

Tip #1

Standardize and centralize your storage. It is incredible what a difference it makes to have matching, uniform hangers with garments all facing the same way or all shoes stored neatly on a shoe rack or one consistent row of shelves.

Tip #2

Always remove items from cleaning or repair bags – this means take all dry-cleaning out of bags, take shoes out of plastic from repair – and dispose of the packaging. This will immediately neaten up your closet. Clothing is better protected by fabric on fabric, so if you must store use fabric bags for clothing and accessories.

Tip #3

If you have an area to feature something – for example an oddly shaped shelf or an extending rod – choose something you love like the coat featured the mannequin at the front of the shop and place it there for purely to enjoy on display. Part of being happy in your closet is seeing the pieces you love every day.