Whenever 80’s fashion is mentioned, people tend to recall the most extreme statements and forget the interesting details that elevated sportswear pieces – which is so relevant to refresh your casual wardrobe as we are looking at another season of more dress down than up. Rather than thinking of Madonna’s lingerie and Cyndi Lauper’s neon tutus, consider looking to Brooke Shields or Lisa Bonnet for inspiration. Since the trends of this decade were not for the faint of heart, choose one element that speaks to you and build your outfit around this.

If you really want to lean in to the trend, go for fun denim. High rise pleated jeans paired back to flats, graphic tees, or one-shoulder knit tanks keep you casual and cool. Or try creating contrast with an eyelet lace or floral blouse back to a clean pair of pants. Of course, the denim jacket was an iconic part of 80s fashion – dropped shoulders are a must. The perfect denim jacket, while very tied to the 80s, definitely stands the test of time. Try a denim-on-denim look for a very Princess Di look.

If you’d rather subtly approach the 80s trend, there’s no better accessory than the iconic scrunchie. Whether you go for solid-colored or printed, there are tons of options in a variety of materials that add an element of fun to any outfit. Take a note from Winona Ryder in Heathers and pair with structured blazers or keep your hair out of your face while you’re lounging around your home.

While you continue working from home, make sure you’re not straining your eyes and update your eyewear with a fun pair of oversized glasses. Just like with anything 80s, the bigger the better.

The 80s remind us not to take fashion too seriously – so blast your favorite tunes and dance it out in these fabulously fun trends!