It’s Time

Reflecting on the past is a pivotal part of the start of any new year, and with the world settling into the new “post-covid” normal, this practice seems to hold more weight. We’ve learned lessons over the past years about what is important, and the illusion of control. What I’ve always loved about personal style is that it is one thing you can count on – the choice is yours. And this year, I’m challenging you to reconnect with your inner child by figuring out how to incorporate tees, sneakers, and throwback or vintage watches for every occasion. It is time. To have a little levity and a lot of fun!

It is no shock to anyone that comfort has been the reigning champion over the past few years. Even if we’ve gone back to more days in the office and more formal dress codes, this year let’s do it like we are ready for recess. Lean into knits in all categories – for work, events, and play!

And you cannot be serious about a really good time in anything other than flats – let your inner kid run wild and free!

Time is never time at all, and yet we all need markers to remind us of how we may have changed or stayed the same. From watches that you grew up with reissued, or reimagining a classic from different eras so that it becomes entirely new, a nostalgic watch may be the perfect accessory to define your style for the year ahead. Cannot wait to see what happens in all those moments – we all get 365 days, what makes the difference is what we do with them!