A Lesson in Borrowing

We are inspired in many ways by those we love, and in 2023 the trends are to borrow from two closets in particular –  either from your grandmother or your boyfriend. 

It’s an exercise in extremes, exploring the tension between masculine and feminine elements. We invite you to explore which resonates most with you – or perhaps you will find it more interesting to move fluidly between the two depending on your calendar and mood!


The ultimate category to pilfer from your grandmother–choose chic scarves, crocheted bags, pearl necklaces, and slouchy bows to name a few. If you want to add to your wardrobe why not invest in an Hermès silk scarf, take out your Jennifer Behr bow clip, or explore crochet bags at all price points.

Don’t forget your boyfriend’s closet! Try a pair of updated classic aviator sunglasses, like these ones from Prada, or an oversized tank or sport watch. And you can never go wrong with a take on a satchel or briefcase.


One of my favorite items of clothing is a vintage Laura Ashley patterned dress my grandmother gave me, so it is only fitting that when I think of my grandmother’s closet printed dresses come to mind. Her other perennial staples were cardigans and long coats mixed and matched to layered perfection depending on the season. Pastels should always apply, like these favorites below!

From the boys it’s all about fluid suiting–think a modern interpretation of 90s Armani–though a traditional tailored look is never wrong. Try a modern match with either coordinating blazer and pant or aviator jacket utility pant combos or mix it up with utility on top suiting on bottom or vise versa!


The final, magical category that can be found in both closets! Choose depending on your mood from either your grandmother’s daintier favorites…

Or on a day where you need a little more sole, borrow from the boys!