I always love the fresh start feeling that you get at the beginning of each new year – and I am particularly excited about the arrival of 2018!! The Zodiac is predicting peace, which I am hoping extends to all!

Calming energy starts at home, and I am always reminded of a teacher who wisely told me that even creative minds need a quiet space to work. “Quiet” can be interpreted different ways depending on which sense you are using to perceive. Visually quiet means conquering the clutter, so this can be a great opportunity to give your closet a fresh face for the new year. 

See below for some of my favorite accessories – and consider treating yourself to a closet maintenance service to start 2018!

1. For Rings and Things

2. So You Can See Your Options

3. Keeping it Fresh

4. The Magic of Monogram

5. The Ultimate Shoe Rack 

6. Never Wash Your Favorite Shirt by Accident Again

7. shoeHORN

8. Add A Bit of Color

9. RH Knows A Closet Is Not Complete Without One