The spring equinox is all about moving forward, and I love how a good old fashion spring closet clean can incorporate fashion forward ideas like textile recycling and circular economy.

Regular closet cleaning and maintenance is a chore for us all. Full inventories should be taken at least twice a year, and maintenance completed regularly as needed. I enjoy beautiful things – sometimes too much! – and I love the idea that they will continue be valued once they leave my closet if every piece can be consigned, donated, or recycled.
See a few of my tips for what to do after you have cleared way for the new season (I can help!) and how to decide which to send where for the best return.

To Consign or To Donate

That is the question. Most consignment stores, whether online or a store, will have the brand they accept noted on their websites that you can use to guide your decision making.
For designer merchandise, consigning is the most lucrative alternative for you and you give someone else the opportunity to enjoy your piece.

Linda’s Stuff


The Real Real 


A Second Chance Resale

For fast fashion brands, while there are resources will accept them for resale, the return is usually not more than you will receive if you take write off for donation.

Thred Up

Hearts Of Gold

Room To Grow

To Recycle 

Any of your pieces that are well loved beyond repair, across all categories, can be recycled using the resource below – and you can take the tax write off.

Green Tree Textiles

 Now is the best time to grab a couple garbage bags and get going. Wishing you a happy Spring Clean!