She’s your role model, your best friend, your most trusted advisor – she’s your mother. Or she’s one of the super heroe mom’s in your life – your wife, your friend,
or your sister. Either way she is one of the most important people to you and often one of the most difficult people to buy for.

So what is the secret to guaranteed success this Mother’s Day?

I have shared this resource before, and think it is the most magical way to pick a new scent for you or anyone special for a treat.
Nose┬áhas a free service where you can create a profile, input the last 5 scents that you – or your mom – have used in their life. The site then
returns a customized profile, with the head, heart, and base notes as well as customized recommendations.
You can use the notes to help select new scents for from perfumes and candles to flower
arrangements – or simply chose from one of the recommendations.


The best part – guaranteed success!